One Orphan at a Time

5 Mar

132 million. This number astounds and overwhelms me and, sadly, grows daily. This is the number of orphans in our world TODAY (according to UNICEF). I am not okay with this statistic and have known for quite some time that God was calling me to do something about it. No, I cannot possibly rescue and care for all 132 million of these precious children, but I can do something about it one child at a time. Let me tell you about my friend, Sengenoi, an orphan in rural Kenya. God captured my heart for this child in 2009 while I was living there. What I first noticed about her was the contagious personality and laughter that affected everyone around her. She was thin as a rail, had no hair, and was shy around new visitors. And then I saw her walk…..or attempt to walk. She got up and hobbled across the room displaying an almost fun, skipping motion. But my eyes went straight to her foot which was inverted so badly that forced her to walk on the outside of her foot. I later found out that her foot was infected because of a poisonous thorn the size of a toothpick that been lodged inside for over 2 years. TWO YEARS….are you serious? Curiosity took over and I discovered that it was still infected in spite of multiple treatments and surgeries. The infection had worsened over time. Her lower leg was twice the size of the opposite leg. We were afraid that she would eventually lose her foot…maybe even her leg. I wasn’t ok that her foot was infected because she didn’t have the simple provision of shoes to provide protection. I own at least 30 pairs of shoes, so it was hard for me to realize extreme poverty and hardship until I saw it through the eyes of an 8 year old orphan. I had to do something about it. I had to help change the outcome for this ONE orphan. Through God’s provisions, I was able to bring her stateside for surgery and rehabilitation. Today Sengenoi walks without aide, is progressing in her education and has a restored hope for her future.

Is it because of me? No! It’s because of Christ IN ME. This same Christ who saved me when I was an “orphan” reaches out to the broken, abandoned, and orphaned around the world through His body, the Church. Through YOU and ME. His heart beats passionately for the Sengenoi’s of the world. What we don’t fully realize is that He desires to use us to redeem, rescue, help and defend. If we don’t care for these kids, then who will? Orphans are the outcast in every society. God has called the CHURCH to step up to the plate….to be His hands and feet. The cool thing about it is that our joy is made complete when we serve in this capacity! Caring for “the least of these” and loving with God’s agape love will infuse our lives with such joy, peace and adventure that will change us forever. We will start to see His kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven.

Check out this video to see little Sengenoi in action. She is a bit shy about the fact that she became “famous” because she made it on the news in America. : )


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