A Legacy of Compassion

8 Apr

Blog post by Hannah W., Team Haiti 2011

I grew up on a small farm in central Illinois. When I was eight years old, my family decided to open our home to hurting children in our area through foster care. Over the next three years, my family had the opportunity to help heal and care for over thirty children. The visible sadness and brokenness of the children remains in my memory, but being able to impact their lives and show them a small example of what Christ’s love is for us was inspiring. In 2004, we received a new-born baby. She came into our home when she was three days old; four pounds and eleven inches long. Doctors and nurses told us the likelihood of her survival was slim, and even if she did live, due to her birth-mothers addictions, she was expected to be both blind and deaf. Today, that little girl is six years old; her name is Rebecca Hope Watts. We adopted her on her third birthday, and she couldn’t be healthier.  After her adoption, I went on a missions trip to an Indian reservation in Cherokee, North Carolina to work in a daycare for abused children. I have a heart for hurting children, and hope to someday teach in an inner-city school.

I hope that during this trip to Haiti my heart for the orphan and hurting children grows and that they will impact my life as much as I want to impact theirs.

Hannah will be serving on the Haiti 2011 Journey 117 team leaving in May. She is currently a student at Colorado Christian University in Lakewood, Colorado.


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