I’m Not That Different

14 Apr

Blog post by Rachel D., Team Uganda 2011

Long before I had an intimate relationship with God, I knew there was something deep inside of me that was being pulled toward helping those less fortunate than myself.  About seven years ago I started volunteering in homeless shelters reading to the kids.  I yearned to help these innocent children who, for by no choice of their own, were victims of choices they did not make for themselves or due to unfortunate circumstances where in the situations they were in.  Looking at their innocent faces, I knew that there was not much if anything that separated me from them.  I could have very easily been one of them.  Although growing up I was fortunate to have been given a roof over my head, food in my stomach and clothes on my back, my home lacked love and safety.  Something every child needs.  Something God desires for each of his children.  I wanted to do my small part to help those children who needed those very things.About three years ago or so, I came to know (truly know) God as my personal savior. Looking back, I now realize that it was God who put that huge desire within my heart to help and love on those who are most vulnerable.  God has given me a heart that has been broken for his children – the innocent, the lost, the broken.  God has created me to do more than stand still in the comfort of my own life.  Even though I know God did not desire for me to experience the things I experienced as a child, He has shown me that He has taken those experiences and used them for His good.  That ultimately He does work ALL things for His good and His glory.  My prayer and hope is that He continues to break my heart for what breaks His heart in this world, that He continues to use my experiences to do work for His kingdom.  My Lord and Savior had done so much for me, how can I not go forth and do what God has put on my heart and what He has called us to do – love and serve the fatherless and the least of these!

Rachel will be serving on the Uganda 2011 Journey 117 team in June . She currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

One Response to “I’m Not That Different”

  1. Emily H at 4:52 pm #

    Thank you for sharing! This has been a great way to see a glimpse of the hearts of my team members and I’m excited to get to know more of your heart!

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