I Will Carry Your Name

1 May

Blog post by Heather E., Team Moldova 2011

Children have always been my heart.  Something about them captivates me.  Maybe it’s their innocence, or their goofy personalities, or maybe it’s how no matter what ethnicity, language, or region of the world they are in, they all laugh at the same things….or maybe I’m drawn to them because they allow me to embrace my inner child without judging me.

Either way, they have the ability to fill my heart with abundant joy.

Four years ago I was a freshman in college.  My life was going in a hundred different directions as I made new friends, maintained a scholarship, and took on a collegiate sport.  Through the chaos, the Lord began quietly pressing on my heart just “orphans.”  For a while I thought about them all the time.  I thought about how I could center my future career on them and how I would adopt and when I would make my way to a third world country to sweep up a handful to love on. 

As the years few by, my vision of being an orphan advocate became vague.  It did not vanish, but my mind and heart began focusing on separate issues that revolved around me, instead of others.  This past year the desire was rekindled.  For a solid year, I prayed that my heart for missions would swell.  I began praying that the Lord would open doors for me to go!  I knew that I was tired of talking about going, and wanted to get up and be hands on.  As my senior year was quickly drawing to an end, I had no reason not to pursue missions.  NOW was the time.

In January, I went to the PASSION conference in Atlanta, GA.  It was there that I made a profile with my available dates and specific areas of ministry that I wanted to pursue. Then I submitted it to the “Right Now Campaign” who in return placed that profile with several different organizations, World Orphans being one of them.

Over spring break in March, my roommate, my sister and I had a senior spring break trip planned for Los Angeles, CA.  Three weeks before we left, a few bumps came up in the trip and we jokingly threw out the idea that we knew people taking a mission trip to Haiti.  About ten minutes into the “not-for-real” Haiti discussion, our hearts began to pull in a different direction.  Long story short, three weeks later we found ourselves boarding a plane to Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, and a much different week awaited us than the original plan.

Haiti was life-changing, but that’s another story for another time. However, Haiti did play such a huge role in my desire to carry the name of Christ to all nations. When I came home, Lori from World Orphans had received my profile from “The Right Now Campaign” and had contacted me.  When she mentioned Moldova, my immediate thought process was, “I have no idea where that is, I would rather go to Africa, so NO.”  Thank the Lord the story doesn’t end there.  As I began praying about this out-of-the-blue Moldova trip, my recent trip to Haiti came to mind. God really began stirring my heart, and he said, “Since when do you decide which poor you serve in my name, Heather?”  After that I knew that I wanted to be on this Moldova team and my prayer became, “Oh God, send me!”

I know God is going to do amazing things, not only in the children of Moldova, but in each one of our hearts.  Praise Jesus that He is alive and reigning as King as we carry his name to all nations.

Heather will be serving on the Moldova Journey 117 Team leaving in June 2011. She currently lives in Hattiesburg, MS and attends the University of Southern Mississippi.


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