Jesus Stole My Doritos

3 May

Blog post by Jake S., Team Moldova 2011

Growing up in what I had once perceived to be a Christian home, I had heard what I thought was way too much about Jesus, God, the Bible, and of course, Satan.  By the time I had reached high school, I was fed up with Christianity in its entirety.  However, I did remain in contact with my small group leader because he had tattoo’s and piercings, and that was cool to a sophomore in high school.

One night Josh (cool group leader) and I met up to hang out.  While with Josh that night, I heard for the first time that Christianity was not about following a bunch of rules or a checklist necessarily, but it was about pursuing and developing a real relationship with Jesus Christ. That hit me really hard. My parents had raised me with the ideologies of Christianity, which included a Jesus no more real than the tooth fairy or Santa Claus, but they failed to teach me about a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  At first it was hard to grasp the concept of having a real, true, living, and mutual relationship with the Jesus Josh spoke of.  Then one night sure enough, through the midst of the cloudy, hazy, marijuana smoke that so often filled my buddy’s garage, Jesus came to me. He said, “Jake, it is time for you…… to quit hoggin’ the Doritos”. He then proceeded to reach into the bag and eat all of my Doritos. Not really. But I certainly did hear Jesus that night, telling me He was real and that He wanted me to check him out. I listened. The next morning, my friend and I met at Starbucks at 6am to have our first Bible study. There, amongst a Bible, lots of coffee, and lots of cigarettes, I began my real relationship with Jesus Christ. (Which is fricken sweet by the way.)

I am an adventurous person. I love exploring and taking risks, but half the time risks fail to yield any sort of reward. Nonetheless I still try to A.B.B. (Always Be Ballin). God gave me these traits and qualities, and nothing fills me with more joy than when I use them for Him. I went on my first international mission trip to Nicaragua two years ago; it was amazing and way too short. When I was presented with another opportunity to help people in need, to love people in need, and to go on another adventure for God, I was ecstatic. My big hope for this trip is that the children we spend time with in Moldova will see that Jesus is real, just as I did, and that they will be overwhelmed with the love of God that will be poured out of every member of this team. I cannot wait for our adventure to Moldova, and I cannot wait for many more God-driven adventures in the future.

Jake S. will be serving on the Moldova Journey 117 Team leaving in June 2011. He currently lives in Denver, Colorado. 


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