I Hadn’t Planned on Falling in Love with Jesus

8 May

Blog post by Kara H., Team Moldova 2011

“For I know the plans I have for you…”

  1. Graduate from college
  2. Find a nice boy to love and marry
  3. Have a beautiful wedding
  4. Become a mother
  5. Live a comfortable life

Entering college, this was my to-do list.  It seemed pretty simple.  I had seen my older girlfriends accomplish these goals, so I figured it wouldn’t be too difficult.  As I near my graduation day, I look back on my four years at York College and for a split second think life would have been far less complicated and messy had I just stayed on track. 

I got distracted from this list when I walked into an InterVarsity Christian Fellowship meeting during my first week at college and found myself captivated by the subject of all the other students’ attention.  I hadn’t planned on falling in love with Jesus during college – there simply was no room for that in my plan.  But, with each message I heard, Bible study I attended, and late night conversation I had with my new friends, I took one step away from my original plan and stepped in the direction of Christ and His plan for my life.  The summer after my freshman year is the first time I can remember saying an unwavering “YES!” to God, and my life since has been an incredibly beautiful mess.

College has been a whirlwind for me, with countless ups and downs, intense spiritual highs and draining spiritual lows, and lessons on reconciliation, dependence on the Lord, and humility.  I’ve spent my years studying God’s word on justice, advocacy for the poor, and how we can better implement acts of justice into our everyday lives.  I’ve had the opportunity to attend amazing conferences like InterVarsity’s Urbana and Coalition for Christian Outreach’s Jubilee and have learned that God calls us to bear witness no matter where we are, no matter what job we have, no matter who we interact with.  God has provided opportunities of great discomfort to show me who I currently am, who He wants me to become, and what He expects of not only me, but of His people.  I’m thankful for every heartbreaking, exhausting minute of the journey!

From the very beginning of our relationship, Jesus has captivated me, and although some days have been easier than others, I can truly say I’ve fallen in love with my Savior.  I cannot be satisfied with keeping this love and goodness to myself, which is precisely why I feel God calling me to the marginalized and disadvantaged of this world.  I am beyond excited to have the opportunity to travel to Moldova and to hang out and love these children and I know that the Lord will reveal more of Himself and His plan for my life during the weeks leading up to the trip, as well as the trip itself and the weeks following.

Kara H. will be serving on the Moldova Journey 117 Team leaving in June 2011.

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