Team Haiti: Update from the Field

16 May

Hello again from Team Haiti  –

Just a quick update for you all…..

We are doing great! We have been really busy the past couple of days and are already feeling physically and emotionally worn, but we are energized by what we see God doing here and are excited about what He is teaching us through this Journey thus far.

Yesterday we were able to work at an orphanage that has about 35 children living there. We spent the day playing Frisbee, soccer and volleyball. We organized relay games which they LOVED. We made balloon animals, painted fingernails, jumped rope….the whole nine yards. It was a busy and exhausting day, but the children were filled with so much joy to have all of our attention and love. There is only a couple of caregivers for all 35 of these children, so we were excited to be able to provide some dedicated, focused time on each of them during our visit. The children were especially clingy and wanted our affection which shows us that they probably don’t get much of that on a normal day. While we enjoyed receiving and giving hugs and kisses all day, it also broke our hearts to realize that this was probably not the norm for them and that they so desperately longed for that kind of attention.

Today we worshiped with one of the World Orphans church partners. What a beautiful group of people! You could tell that they really loved the Lord and each other. We were so blessed to be able to be there with them. After the church service, we met with the OVC committee (orphans and vulnerable children) whose primary job is to care for the orphans and vulnerable children in the surrounding community. We were able to hear their heart for these children and discover how this program works on a day-to-day basis. After this we went walking for about 3 hours through the community and visited with about 5 families who are caring for OVC’s in their home. We spent time with each of them, heard their stories, gave them small care packages, and prayed over them. It was encouraging to see the community’s response to the church! You could tell that these church leaders are out in with the people on a regular basis (in a very poor area, mind you) to care for the least of these. What a beautiful picture of God’s heart! We were encouraged to see that THIS is what the church is meant to do… an extension of God’s heart and compassion to people, not just those inside the church walls on Sunday morning.

Tomorrow is going to be a rough day (emotionally), so we are asking for your prayers. We will visit an orphanage that cares for orphans and abandoned children that are living with a terminal illness or disease. We will spend the whole day there helping in any way we can, i.e. changing diapers, feeding, changing clothes, washing, cooking, etc. Please lift our team up because I am certain that hearts are going to be broken. I am praying that God allows us to have a glimpse into His heart and that we can walk away with a better grasp on His love for us as a result of this experience!


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