Team Moldova Update – Part 2

15 Jul

Well, it’s day 3 of camp and the team is doing a fantastic job!  We’ve been told we’re the most enthusiastic American team ever to come work at the camp. 🙂  This morning I was greeted with a smile, wave, and big hug from one of the orphans as soon as I walked out my door.  DAY TOTALLY MADE!    We have really enjoyed getting to know some of the kids and learning names and random Romanian phrases. We are long on days and short on sleep, but have become a fun sensation especially during the morning energizer!

Please be in prayer for the team, because we are a little bit frustrated when we can’t communicate with the orphans to hear their stories and there are not enough translators to go around.  We so much want to connect with these kids, and the language barrier makes it tough.  I don’t want the team to lose steam or get discouraged and I trust God has us here for a significant purpose, even if we aren’t able to speak much of the language. Pray He is able to use us in spite of that and that we rest in Him and don’t become frustrated.  Also, continue to pray for health for the team, We don’t get much sleep at night, and the weather, while sunny today, has been unseasonably cold.  Also, pray for these precious children, many of whom have been abused or mistreated, forced to work in miserable conditions without pay, and treated as a number.  We were so blessed to give each child on the first day of camp their own toothbrush, tube of toothpaste, and bar of soap!  It was amazing.  We’ll write more when we can, be in prayer for the hearts of these children to come to know Christ.


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