Love Transcends Language Barriers in Moldova

20 Jul

Blog post by Penny S, Journey 117 team member serving in Moldova.

Our team represented the hands and feet of Christ on this trip. We showed Christ’s love with our actions quite literally because of the language barrier. We did not have enough translators so much of our communication with the orphans was what we did: laugh, smile, hug, high-five, share. The orphans arrived at camp on that Sunday with faces showing no emotion. The translators said many did not want to be there. These same orphans were smiling and laughing and dancing with us by Friday. They departed camp with crocodile tears not wanting to leave. Our team brought youth and energy to the camp which was crucial to the relationships with the orphans. And I believe the Moldovan counselors/translators were energized and encouraged by our presence. God used our positive, happy attitudes to cross the language barrier to bring the love of Christ to the hearts and lives of the orphans in Moldova. I left with a sense of feeling like we completely planted seeds in many hearts that I am confident God will water and grow long after our departure.

To see pictures of the 2011 Moldova orphan outreach camp, check out the Journey 117 Facebook group.  Be sure to LIKE us!


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