My Busy Bubble

6 Feb

Blog post by  Jane L., Team Haiti 2012

As a college student living on campus, it’s so easy to be wrapped up in a bubble of classes, friends, and on-campus fellowship; it’s so natural to turn a blind eye to all the injustices taking place in the world in the midst of all my busyness. But this summer, I realized that I have only a very short time left in college and that there is a bigger world out there. I didn’t know what to do with that until, one Sunday morning, I heard a sermon about serving those in need, during which this opportunity to work with orphans [with Journey 117] was presented. This was it.

As I prayed over the trip, I felt God really encouraging me to go. I felt uneasy because I wasn’t too familiar with a lot of people at church and didn’t know who I would be going with, but I still felt so excited about the trip that I decided to apply.

So, why does God want me to go on this trip?

As a pre-med student who is seriously considering the field of pediatrics, I think that this mission trip is an ideal preview of what I can do in the future. As a doctor, I’d imagine that I would be even busier than I am now and would be prone to being apathetic toward things that don’t affect my life directly. But I don’t want to be that way, and I don’t think God wants me to be that way either. Preparing for this mission is helping me vaguely visualize how to engage in the community in which I will be placed in the future.

I’m excited to continue to discover what God has in store through the preparation process and during/after the trip!

Jane L. will be serving on the Haiti Journey 117 Team leaving in March 2012 along with and others from her church in Evanston, IL.


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