My Duty Assignment

28 May

Blog post by Alicia, Team Uganda 2012

“Children simply want to love and be loved…they have nothing to do with the families they are born into.” That is a mantra of wisdom that I heard consistently from my mother as a child growing up. My mother and father raised my siblings and me with the knowledge that it not by any good works that we should be boast but rather to be constantly “thankful” to God for all of His blessing. I was raised to never “look down” on anyone unless I was looking down to lift them up.

I remember as a young child when I would see commercials for “Feed The Children” or the famine broadcasts I would ask my father if we could take some of our dinner and send it over to the children. I wanted them to have cake, ice cream, hamburgers, chicken, candy, pizza, party punch and the like.  Everything I enjoyed I wanted them to enjoy as well. I now understand why my father would just look at me and smile and say, “Alicia, well honey it is as not as easy and cooking and sending a meal but we can send a donation in to assist with getting food to them.” I have always had a heart and passion to help children. I feel like they are the most vulnerable citizens of any society and when they are in need, the body of Christ has a duty to assist a child whenever help is needed, wherever they are in the world.

Furthermore, as a child of God, I feel personally that I have a mandate from the Lord to help lift the cause of the orphan among, not only my family, church family and friends, but I feel I must lift up my voice before the world to bring light to what the conditions are for the precious children of Uganda.

I have never had a problem expressing myself verbally and speaking with compassion and conviction about any cause I believe in. The cause of the orphan is something I feel and care so very deeply about in my deep in my heart and in my soul. As a military soldier receives his or her “duty assignment” from their superiors, so I have received my assignment from the Lord. I’m anxiously awaiting this Journey to see what God has in store for me and how He will use my life to be and advocate for the orphan. For me I have an assignment…this is my mandate and it is only the beginning.

Alicia resides in California and will be serving with Journey 117 in June on the Uganda team.


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