Everyone is Precious to Him

20 Jun

Blog post by Hayley A., Team Ethiopia 2012

God started really stirring my heart for orphans about a year ago. I was very close to graduating college with a teaching degree when I started to intentionally think about orphans and working with them. I mean, before that, I had always said that I wanted to adopt kids one day, just because it is the right thing to do. God took that idea and transformed it.

Last summer, I went to Peru with a group from my hometown, and we went to an orphanage for a few days. While we were there, God really began to open my eyes to the struggles that orphans face on a daily basis that we tend to overlook. The kids were starved for attention and they would act out to get it. The orphans I met knew that they had been abandoned and the idea of that definitely haunted them. I heard them say things about not having anyone to love them, and several of the kids wondered what having parents would be like. In that moment, I started thinking about how these babies did not have parents to nurture them and love them like I do. I realized that sometimes I take my family for granted and that something had to be done for these kids!

I went back to school in the fall for my final semester, and I really wanted to go to Ethiopia with a group from my university to share the God’s word with the people there. I didn’t end up going because there was no way I could raise the money needed in such a short period of time. I was crushed because I felt like God put Ethiopia in my heart for a reason.

Fast forward about a month, and I discovered this opportunity to work with orphans in Ethiopia with World Orphans. I was reluctant to fill out the application at first because doubts were flooding my mind. I prayed about it a lot, and I ended up submitting my application, believing that God would prepare me in every way for the trip and provide the funds for me to go. During the application process, God reassured me in several different ways. At church, we were going through the book of Acts, and we were reading Acts 8 that week. I opened my Bible to Acts 8 to discover that part of the chapter was about Phillip and the Ethiopian. Another time, several people who had gone to Ethiopia with my college gave their testimonies about what God did in Ethiopia while they were there. All I could think was “Okay, God, I get it. I am going to Ethiopia.”

All of that to say: I know God has called me to go to Ethiopia to work with orphans this summer. I am so excited to go on this journey, and I know that it will be a life-changing experience for my team and I, but also for the people of Ethiopia. I know that God is going to do great things in and through the orphans of Ethiopia because every single one of them is precious to Him.

Hayley resides in Texas and will be serving with Journey117 in July on the Ethiopia Team. 


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