I Wish I Could Do More

29 Jun

Blog post by Cayley E., Team Ethiopia 2012

I’ve had a heart for children for as long I can remember. Being blessed to grow up in a strong Christian household, I’ve had numerous opportunities to serve and share the love of Christ with children. It was always a joy to work with kids, but my heart was never truly broken for the fatherless until I saw the reality of the situation while working a summer camp.

The camp was set up by a local organization that teams up with Child Protective Services to offer a summer camp experience for the children in the foster care system.  The children that attend are broken, beaten down, and desperate for love.  All campers are under the age of eleven, but the vast majority have experienced more pain in their lives than most of us ever will. It’s heartbreaking to know that I can’t fix their problems. I’m not there to be the solution. If I could, I would gladly open my home to them all! Unfortunately, I can’t. I’m there simply to share the love of Christ and to create positive memories for the children. But, oh how I wish I could do more!

So that is what brings me to Journey117. Several years before attending summer camp, the Lord stirred my heart for Africa. At the time, I didn’t really understand (and I still don’t completely) but He has faithfully opened doors to teach me and prepare my heart for this very trip. I was forever changed by building relationships with the orphans at that summer camp. The Lord gave me a tender heart, which was eager to speak up for those voices that too often go unheard. So why me? Well, why not?

Cayley resides in Texas and will be serving with Journey117 in July on Team Ethiopia.


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