The Only Reason is Jesus

2 Jul

Blog post by 14 year-old Naomi P., Team Ethiopia 2012

So the big question of the day, “What has happened in your life that has lead you to your heart for orphans?” Well sit down my dears, I will get you some tea and tell you all about it, jk.

I was born in Edmonton, Alberta in 1997 (thrilling facts I know). My parents are Scott and Janet and they are amazing (I was not paid to say that). They have been a huge support and have always done what is best for me, not only their words but also their action always showed me and taught me love.

When I was six or seven, I used to come downstairs to watch our one channel TV (I was really lucky, I got to watch TV, crazy). There was a couple of times when the World Vision show came on. I used to watch it, then cry and cry. I decided that I wanted to help those kids and their families. I pulled my neighbor into it and for a year we saved our money, and told people about what we were doing (and got their money.) Together we raised 300 and something dollars! (We even did a mobile lemonade stand! We were committed!) We gave the money to an organization our friends started when they adopted two Ethiopian boys. The organization is called Love Africa. You can look it up, 6 year old me is still on their website!

Going to Ethiopia and working there, I was convinced that, Ethiopia is where I wanted to be and where God wanted me to be. So, that was great, but how was I going to get there? So I thought about it and prayed about it for two and a half years.  Finally I told my parents and their friends; that was WAY out of my comfort zone, but I did it! So that really triggered something in our community and in our lives. There were several other people in our community who also had dreams about going to Africa or living in Africa or just about Africa in general, but it was never the right time. They were not totally sure what they were supposed to do. When I told them about how I wanted to go to Ethiopia and how I wanted them to take me, (just a small favor) it seemed to them like conformation.

Last year, I went to Ethiopia with an wonderful team from our church, including my mother who went along to look after me, cause I’m “to young to go to Africa alone (with out my parents).” But this is how cool my parents are: they don’t say “you’re too young you can’t go” they say, “you’re too young, I will come with you,” even if it is the last place on earth they want to go and for my mom it was almost that. But once she got there she had a great experience and I think that she wants to go back some day. After that trip, I knew that I couldn’t stay away from Ethiopia!!  In a way, I need Africa (Ethiopia) and it needs me.

Now I am just trying to get back, because my calling (Ethiopia), is where I receive life, and joy, and fulfillness. I am really excited about this particular trip because there will be a focus on sharing your passion, when you get back! So that will be really cool.

That is all of the events that happened to bring me to where I am, but I have saved the best for last, the only reason that I care about orphans and hurting people, and the only reason that I am able to go on trips like this, and the only reason that I am here is all because of JESUS and his amazing love!!!!  I realize that this sounds like a goody, goody Christian answer, it definitely is, except that I have experienced it and know that nothing else is true.

In Jeremiah, God says, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. ” God is cool like that. He has me all figured out, and he is the only one who does, so I can trust him with everything.  God has amazing plans for everyone and it always is in some shape or form, LOVE!

Jesus talks about how if anyone gives one cup of water to the least of these, she gives it to me. What stands out for me in this is Jesus is IN the poor, starving people who no one else loves! As every lover of Jesus goes and helps the physically, emotionally, and spiritually poor we are not helping strangers, but our savior!

Mother Teresa said “Everyone needs to find their Kolkata” she isn’t talking so much about a place but a purpose, I found mine and never will never look back.

Naomi resides in Canada and will be serving with Journey117 in July on Team Ethiopia. 

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