To Really Follow….

17 Sep

Blog post by Vivian M., Team Haiti 2012

Earlier this year I went on a retreat where I was asked two questions:

“What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus?”

“What does it mean to follow – really follow – Him?”

Examples were then given of how different individuals answered these questions and their lives are a reflection of that. It was the last one that struck me. A picture of a girl only a couple years younger than me standing with her family in a middle class neighborhood flashed onto the screen. This girl had left all that was familiar to care for orphans in Africa and had been there for the past 4 years. Many of the other examples were older men and women that I didn’t identify with, but this girl – it was a little to close to home. This was my first push that I needed to step out of my comfort zone and do something.

Within the next couple weeks, a woman in my small group started talking about the adoption process her and her husband were going through to adopt a little girl from Ethiopia. She shared about the difficult situation of so many of the children in Ethiopia and how this is what God had led them to do.  Push number two.

I began to educate myself about the real situations of orphans worldwide and my eyes were opened to issues of child labor, child soldiers, sex trafficking, gender inequality, HIV/AIDS and other diseases that affect this population.  I did not know what I supposed to do, but I figured the first step is to understand the problem and God will let me know what is next. He did. Soon after, I learned about World Orphans through some family that went on a Journey 117 trip to Uganda.

While I am still figuring out what it means to be a disciple of Jesus, I have figured out that as I grow closer to God, I start to care more about things that are important to Him.  This trip is the next step for me in following Jesus and I am so excited for ways that God can use me!

Vivian resides in Virginia and will be serving with Journey 117 in October on Team Haiti.


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