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We’re All Orphans

3 Jul

Blog post by Bethel W., Team India 2012

Why this trip? Why orphans? Jesus. And I don’t mean just because He told me to, which would be a very valid reason. He has all authority; obeying Him is more than enough reason. But I mean Jesus saved me out of the deepest pit I’ve ever seen, my own sin. I owe Him more than I could ever give. He loved me even when I myself could not find a reason to be loved.

When you see the power of God’s anger, how deserving you are of that anger, and how you are in no way able to escape it, but then are met instead with mercy, grace, and unconditional love, I can do nothing but be utterly blown away by who He is.

We are all rebels against the King and part of what’s so beautiful about the Gospel, is that this is not okay (Psalm 90:11), but that because of Christ, we have been made right in His sight! That is like an axe murder being lovingly accepted into the family of the children he killed, and that family risks their lives to save him. He didn’t just look the other way from our sin, He paid the price. This is what the Gospel is, that God accepts sinners because of Christ alone.

There is nothing that binds God to be merciful to sinners, but the beautiful message of the Gospel is: the God who is angry with sinners is merciful to sinners. Our hope is in God alone.

This hope, this grace, this love has transformed me. He not only forgave me for who I was, but He changed me. He took me out of darkness into the light. I did not deserve the chance to become better, let alone to become like Christ. This is what my Savior has done for me. I stand forgiven, clean, wanted, and loved.

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Ready and willing….

30 Oct

Blog post by Carly C., Team Ethiopia 2011

My story.

I grew up in a Christian family and went to church regularly until I was in 5th grade. My mom and brothers and I moved after she and my step dad got married and we stopped going to church regularly. For most of middle school and high school I still lived a good moral life but not for the right reasons. I was doing it more as a moral standard and not because I had a close relationship with Jesus. Because of this, the summer before my senior year I was involved in a lifestyle that was not right and I began to hang out with the ‘wrong crowd’.

The start of my senior year of high school, I found out that my best friend and boyfriend at the time had betrayed me in the most hurtful way; I was devastated. Because I was a ‘Christian’ I knew that I would have to forgive them. But I had never been in a situation like that and I thought I could just forgive them when I was ready. I felt that if I forgave them it was the same as saying what they did to me was ok. Being in this situation and not knowing exactly what to do, I called my uncle, who is the strongest Christian I know. I knew he could guide me in the right thing to do.  After my uncle talked and prayed with me and explained what the Bible says about forgiveness, I knew I had to immediately forgive them both for the wrong they had done. That same week, I went to Wednesday night youth group and out of all things the youth pastor could have talked about –forgiveness was the topic. God used that night to speak to me and break me. That night God truly revealed himself to me and from that point forward, I was changed forever.

Not only did God use this devastating situation to reveal himself to me, but through it, he saved one of the friends that had hurt me. We are now great friends and go to church together, fellowship together and worship together. It’s amazing to realize how far God has brought me and others in the last couple of years.

My senior year of high school I was given the opportunity to go on a mission trip to Peru during my Spring Break. That was an incredible and moving experience and it was there where my passion for missions and people truly blossomed and began to grow. I was able to see and experience lives being changed and people being saved. I cannot wait to go to Ethiopia and see God do amazing things there as well. I am so ready and willing for God to use me to spread his glory and name to the people in Ethiopia!

Carly C. will be serving on the Ethiopia Journey 117 Team leaving in December 2011.