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What do Jerry Maguire and James 1:27 have in common?

11 May

Blog post authored by Matt, Director of Advocacy, World Orphans

Typing this blog post I feel a bit like Jerry Maguire writing the mission statement, “The Things We Think and Do Not Say: The Future of Our Business.” Here’s hoping I don’t end up all alone holding a goldfish.

Question … How do you define your faith? No, I don’t want the “being sure of what you cannot see” line we are quick to throw around. I want tangibles. I want your answer to be able to go to class with you for show-n-tell.

Let me put it a different way. If faith without works is dead, and you and I believe our faith in Jesus is alive and well; then what do we point to for evidence?

Unfortunately, the tendency for most Christians is to first look at the following categories:

Church attendance.
What you drop in the offering plate.
Our frequency in studying the Bible.
Certain things you might abstain from (alcohol, certain types of entertainment, etc.)
Milestones in our spiritual journey (baptism, confirmation, etc.)

I admit it, I have been guilty of measuring myself by these standards for the majority of my life. As a result, I developed an unsatisfyingly-hollow “checklist” type of relationship with God. Did I read my Bible today? Check. Did I tithe this past Sunday? Check.

Sound familiar? Continue reading

God’s Plan for Orphans Here and There

30 Jan

Blog post by Melissa L., Team Haiti 2012

My vision for orphans started in March 2009.  I must say, I wish it would have started sooner. My husband and I had a very small bible study at our house on Sunday nights.  Jason (my husband) and our friend Janet were talking about the reality and horror of sex trafficking.  The Holy Spirit had big plans that night.  Long story short, Jason and Janet said, “We are done just sending money or praying…lets do something else.”  God called us that night to adoption, and Janet supported us financially. We now have a daughter from Ethiopia, Mary, who is now 21 months old.  Then in December, we took in our first foster child, Dereon; he is 7 months old.  My vision right now is to be open to God’s plan for orphans everywhere.  I want my heart to be sensitive and in tune with the Holy Spirit.  I don’t want to view caring for orphans as something I can “check off my list.”  I have no idea what this will mean!

Melissa L. will be serving on the Haiti Journey 117 Team leaving in March 2012 along with others from her church in Evanston, IL.

A Legacy of Compassion

8 Apr

Blog post by Hannah W., Team Haiti 2011

I grew up on a small farm in central Illinois. When I was eight years old, my family decided to open our home to hurting children in our area through foster care. Over the next three years, my family had the opportunity to help heal and care for over thirty children. The visible sadness and brokenness of the children remains in my memory, but being able to impact their lives and show them a small example of what Christ’s love is for us was inspiring. In 2004, we received a new-born baby. She came into our home when she was three days old; four pounds and eleven inches long. Continue reading