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Something to Believe In

5 Jul

Blog post Alyssa G., Team Ethiopia 2012

I joined the Ethiopia team because I love people and knowing that there are kids that have no one to take care of them, love them, or protect them breaks my heart. As Christians, it’s our job to protect and fight for those who can not do it for themselves. I watched a documentary that had a large group of people who were kidnapping children from their homes and would kill the families, leaving the children as orphans. They would use the children for whatever they needed. They used them to make money through human trafficking and made them children soldiers. At one point in the documentary, they were interviewing a boy and he said that he would rather die than keep living. He said there was nothing left to live for and he had lost all hope in a better life. So, it is my heart to go and try to show the kids the love that they are longing for and restore the hope that has been robed from them and give them something to believe in again.

Alyssa resides in Texas and will be serving with Journey117 in July on Team Ethiopia. 

We’re All Orphans

3 Jul

Blog post by Bethel W., Team India 2012

Why this trip? Why orphans? Jesus. And I don’t mean just because He told me to, which would be a very valid reason. He has all authority; obeying Him is more than enough reason. But I mean Jesus saved me out of the deepest pit I’ve ever seen, my own sin. I owe Him more than I could ever give. He loved me even when I myself could not find a reason to be loved.

When you see the power of God’s anger, how deserving you are of that anger, and how you are in no way able to escape it, but then are met instead with mercy, grace, and unconditional love, I can do nothing but be utterly blown away by who He is.

We are all rebels against the King and part of what’s so beautiful about the Gospel, is that this is not okay (Psalm 90:11), but that because of Christ, we have been made right in His sight! That is like an axe murder being lovingly accepted into the family of the children he killed, and that family risks their lives to save him. He didn’t just look the other way from our sin, He paid the price. This is what the Gospel is, that God accepts sinners because of Christ alone.

There is nothing that binds God to be merciful to sinners, but the beautiful message of the Gospel is: the God who is angry with sinners is merciful to sinners. Our hope is in God alone.

This hope, this grace, this love has transformed me. He not only forgave me for who I was, but He changed me. He took me out of darkness into the light. I did not deserve the chance to become better, let alone to become like Christ. This is what my Savior has done for me. I stand forgiven, clean, wanted, and loved.

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I Want Them to Hope Again

19 Jun

Blog post by Erin B., Team India 2012

Orphans are something that God placed on my heart about 7 years ago. I woke up from a dream crying. I was seeing a girl about 6 months old standing in a crib with her hands stretched up wanting someone to pick her up. She was inconsolable and desperate. I had the feeling that she had been crying for days and that nobody had picked her up or attended to her. My heart broke for children that are longing for love and have no one that loves or cares for them. I started praying for orphans on that day and have been ever since. My awareness for things pertaining to orphans was raised from that point on whenever I heard them talked about or found verses in the bible about them.

It wasn’t too much after that that I found the bible verse in James 1:27 that says “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” The verse helped me confirm that it is definitely God’s heart to care about orphans. About 5 years ago, I was praying on the phone with my friend Sonia from Uruguay. Out of nowhere I just started crying and couldn’t even continue praying for a while. My friend asked if I was okay. I finally managed to choke out that God was really putting it on my heart to pray for India and I proceeded to pray for India for about the next 15 minutes. It seemed sort of weird to be praying for India when I really didn’t know very much about the country or have any specific reason to be praying for the country but it all makes since now considering that I will be going to India with World Orphans on a missions trip. Continue reading