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Helping the Children of Haiti

22 Aug

In May of this year, one of Modern Postcard’s Graphic Artists, Callie Himsl, journeyed to Haiti with World Orphans to help children affected by the devastating earthquake. Amazingly, this trip was the second time Callie used her own personal time for volunteer work and to do her part to create change in the world. Check out her moving story.


Our Faith and His Faithfulness

7 May

Blog post by Angela B., Team Moldova 2011 

“When our faith intersects with God’s faithfulness, miracles can happen.”  My pastor spoke that phrase on September 13, 2009 and it has been part of my journey ever since.  It was then I realized that God’s faithfulness was there, but my faith needed some work. Continue reading

One Orphan at a Time

5 Mar

132 million. This number astounds and overwhelms me and, sadly, grows daily. This is the number of orphans in our world TODAY (according to UNICEF). I am not okay with this statistic and have known for quite some time that God was calling me to do something about it. No, I cannot possibly rescue and care for all 132 million of these precious children, but I can do something about it one child at a time. Let me tell you about my friend, Sengenoi, an orphan in rural Kenya. Continue reading

A Dollar a Day Challenge

4 Mar

Lacey Howe, recent Journey 117 team member, felt challenged to learn what it truly means to live in poverty. Check out this video she made along with friend Amanda Walton to watch their Journey.