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I’m Merely a Vessel

7 Jul

Blog post by Christina D., Team India 2012

Ever since a young age, my heart had an interest in those who are orphaned. As a 12 year old, I apparently had found nothing else more interesting than returning home from school to plop on the couch and watch TLC’s show Adoption Stories.  Something about the reality of seeing children in America and various parts of the world who were never cradled by their birth mother and father was gut wrenching for me, and also the long process for couples to finally meet with their adopted child. My heart was stirred. I wanted to have every single orphaned child from infant to teen in my home. I wanted to scoop them up and hug them, love them and be their new mom….at age12. Hmmm not a realistic dream for a 12 year old, but what I did know from that point, is that one day I wanted to adopt children of my own. As I saw it at the time, why would I be selfish enough to bring more children in the world when there are so many in need of a home and so few who choose to adopt. This is where my heart for the fatherless began.

Throughout the years, God only continued to provoke my heart to compassion for orphan children. I was able to serve one day in high school in an orphanage in Guadalupe, Mexico and it amazed me how loving they were despite their circumstances and how eager they were to be loved in return. Living in the border city of El Paso, Texas during college opened my eyes to the poverty and orphanages just across the border in Juarez, Mexico. This stirred my heart even more.

My view today, at 25, is still the same. I wholeheartedly desire to adopt at least one of my children someday. Till then, it does not by any means, mean that my passionate, God given heart for the orphaned has to refrain from acting now. My love and yearning heart for orphans has burned inside me and while that is great, that is just where it stayed, inside me. Which leads me to my journey to India. I cannot even begin to explain how eager I am to serve the Lord in this way with my team and to finally put actions to my God given desire. I do not want to continue to let time waste away while I yearningly stand back. I want to understand the burdens of this culture and how God is at work there; to know their needs and how we can meet them.

I am filled with satisfaction knowing that it is God’s desire and His compassionate heart and love for the fatherless that fills me. His business of caring for the needy is reflected in scripture in Psalm 10:18, “O Lord, you hear the desire of the afflicted; you will strengthen their heart; you will incline your ear to do justice to the fatherless and the oppressed, so that man who is of the earth may strike terror no more.” And my personal favorite James 1:27, “Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world.”  This is the Lord’s passion given to me, His heart! I’m merely a vessel that has been given a great opportunity. I can’t say I know how or what God is going to lead me to do in the future, I hope to always serve the Fatherless in any capacity. Right now I know that this is the next step in uncovering more of His heart as a Father for these children. This is my journey.

Christina resides in Texas and will be serving with Journey117 in July on Team India. 


Not All Poverty is Created Equal

4 May

Blog post by Jeff P., Team Haiti 2011

We were visiting with some children in an orphanage in central Mexico.  The Casa Hogar is about 2 hours inland from the Gulf of Mexico.  It sits in a valley that is mainly agricultural.  The two crops of choice are agave and sugar cane. The Casa Hogar sits 5 miles from the Sierra Madre and 5 miles outside of a city.  This city is a typical middle class city of Mexico.  It has a population of around 100,000.  There are a few wealthy people, a moderate group of middle class, and many poor people who live in the area.  The only major industry in the city is a sugar mill.  Many of the poor live in the outer edge of the city or in a rural areas. Continue reading

Children, Bible Camp, & the Country of My Ancestors

29 Apr

Blog post by Penny S., Team Moldova 2011

When I was 12 years old I felt God calling me to foreign missions. When I was 41 I went on my first foreign mission trip. You’ll understand now why my life verse is Isaiah 55:8, “For your ways are not My ways, neither are your thoughts My thoughts, declares the Lord.” His timing is certainly different from my timing…only by 29 years! Continue reading

Hearts Melted in Mexico

21 Mar

Blog post by Jeff P., Team Haiti 2011

My name is Jeff Peterson and I am a Firefighter in Longmont, Colorado.  I am excited to be a part of this [Haiti] team and I am anxious to see where God takes us on this Journey.

In 2007 some friends, family, and I traveled to Ciudad, Mante in central Mexico.  We traveled there to work on a couple of projects.  One project was furnishing a home that was purchased in the city to house girls attending nursing school.  Most of them are indigenous girls from the mountains above Mante.   The second project was to work in an orphanage outside the city.

We knew working in an orphanage would be an emotional time.  The group talked about not getting to attached to the kids, so we tried to prepare ourselves knowing that only so much could be done to help.  We wanted to prevent ourselves the emotional pain, foolishly hoping that we could feel good about helping but be able to go home unaffected.  After getting out of the car the first morning, a few of the kids ran over and gave us big hugs.  One of the kids, with a huge smile on his face, wrapped himself around my son’s leg and wouldn’t let go.  We knew then that this was going to be harder than we thought.  Continue reading