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I Care For Orphans….Because I Was One

2 May

Blog post by Deborah P., Team Uganda 2012

Our journey started with following a blog written by Katie Davis about her heart for Uganda. When her book was released last year, I met her at Catayst in Atlanta and she signed a copy for Mallory [my daughter]. After Mallory read her book she told me she felt led to go to Uganda and wanted me to go with her. I told her we would pray about it and see where GOD led us. I felt that it was not the right time with having adopted a baby last year, it would be hard to leave him, but after meeting a man form Kampala in January at PASSION 2012, I was again spending time in prayer about our Journey to Uganda. I was contacted in February by my mission coach from a trip I took to Ukraine in 2010. She was wondering if I was interested in another mission trip. I told her about Uganda and she emailed me 3 possible trips. The first two were not feasible and after a month she called back.  When I checked out the 3rd email I realized that it was a trip to Kampala, Uganda…the very place we had been praying about going. I felt confirmation from GOD about now being the time and, after talking with my husband and friends, I knew that this would be the year to take this Journey with my daughter, Mallory.

I have had a heart for orphans since I was one myself. Continue reading

The Best Choice I’ve Ever Made

10 May

Blog post by Sydney D., Team Moldova 2011

I grew up with what, at the time, I thought was the most amazing childhood ever. I had a mom, a dad, a sister, great friends, and amazing people all throughout my life. As I grew up I attended church services, went to bible studies, and was told somewhat about Jesus. It wasn’t that I didn’t believe, it was that I didn’t care because I didn’t think I needed Him. When I became a freshman in college, my heart began to change. I never realized how much I needed Him and how much I didn’t know about the cross. Giving my life Jesus was the easiest and best choice I’ve ever made. I now realize how much I was missing in my life and what love really is. Continue reading

More Inspiration from David Platt’s Book “Radical”

9 May

Blog post by Leana C., Team Moldova 2011

One of the things that greatly inspired me about going on this mission trip was the book Radical by David Platt. I had grown up in church and honestly had never really given missions a thought. I felt a lot of conviction as I began to read Radical and dig deeper into God’s word about missions. We are commanded to carry his name to the ends of the Earth and to make disciples of all nations. Continue reading

I Will Carry Your Name

1 May

Blog post by Heather E., Team Moldova 2011

Children have always been my heart.  Something about them captivates me.  Maybe it’s their innocence, or their goofy personalities, or maybe it’s how no matter what ethnicity, language, or region of the world they are in, they all laugh at the same things….or maybe I’m drawn to them because they allow me to embrace my inner child without judging me.

Either way, they have the ability to fill my heart with abundant joy.

Four years ago I was a freshman in college.  My life was going in a hundred different directions as I made new friends, maintained a scholarship, and took on a collegiate sport.  Through the chaos, the Lord began quietly pressing on my heart just “orphans.”  For a while I thought about them all the time.  I thought about how I could center my future career on them and how I would adopt and when I would make my way to a third world country to sweep up a handful to love on.  Continue reading