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Journey117 Director Rants About Orphan Care and Orphanages

19 Oct

Are orphanages a good thing or a bad thing? Aren’t there great orphanages out there that are a good option for children? Should churches and organizations invest in orphanages around the world….or is there a better way to care for the fatherless? Lori Resmer, Journey117 director, recently blogged about orphan care and how she believes the Church is doing it all wrong. Check out her thoughts here.

Compelled to do something…

20 Oct

Blog post by Nathan L., Team Ethiopia 2011

I am making this trip because I am compelled to do something. I have lived most of my life with tunnel vision – thinking, doing, and saying the things that benefit me and my family.  This tunnel vision extended to my Christian life as I have lived as if Christianity was all about me. I was comfortable and choosing to ignore the fact that my entire has life has been blessed beyond belief.  I have never known hunger, I have never know homelessness, I have never known poverty – I have never known anything other than having more than enough of anything I wanted or needed.  To make matters worse, despite the fact that I have always been incredibly blessed, because our perspective is skewed by the culture we live I have always thought of myself of being less than rich because I didn’t make as much money, or take the same kind of vacations, or drive the same kind of car someone else might have. Continue reading

I am back…but my heart remains in Haiti

29 May

Lauren, a recent nursing graduate from Texas, shares about her Journey 117 experience in Haiti in May 2011. To read more of Lauren’s blog, check out http://chosenbyyou.blogspot.com/

As I sit down to write this post, tears fill my eyes as I think about Haiti. It has now been two days since I returned and even though I am back here physically, my heart and mind are still in Haiti. The past nine days of my life have changed my life forever. I have seen poverty in a whole new way. I have seen things that are heart-wrenching and at times I had to stop myself and ask, “Is this REAL? Is this really happening?? How can God let this happen to His children? Why God, Why? These people didn’t choose this life.” These questions bombarded my mind while in Haiti and as I fought through tears I prayed for understanding and that God would place within me a love that is so deep. I prayed and prayed for God to break my heart for what breaks His, and that He did. I know the things that I saw and the things I experienced break the heart of God as well. He hurts and this was not his intention for his children but it all goes back to the issue of sin and where it all began, in the Garden of Eden.

Continue reading

I Hadn’t Planned on Falling in Love with Jesus

8 May

Blog post by Kara H., Team Moldova 2011

“For I know the plans I have for you…”

  1. Graduate from college
  2. Find a nice boy to love and marry
  3. Have a beautiful wedding
  4. Become a mother
  5. Live a comfortable life

Entering college, this was my to-do list.  It seemed pretty simple.  I had seen my older girlfriends accomplish these goals, so I figured it wouldn’t be too difficult.  As I near my graduation day, I look back on my four years at York College and for a split second think life would have been far less complicated and messy had I just stayed on track.  Continue reading

Our Faith and His Faithfulness

7 May

Blog post by Angela B., Team Moldova 2011 

“When our faith intersects with God’s faithfulness, miracles can happen.”  My pastor spoke that phrase on September 13, 2009 and it has been part of my journey ever since.  It was then I realized that God’s faithfulness was there, but my faith needed some work. Continue reading

The Issue of Child Labor

28 Apr

Blog post by Amanda W., Team Haiti 2011


“An estimated 158 million children aged 5-14 are engaged in child labour – one in six children in the world. Millions of children are engaged in hazardous situations or conditions, such as working in mines, working with chemicals and pesticides in agriculture or working with dangerous machinery. They are everywhere but invisible, toiling as domestic servants in homes, labouring behind the walls of workshops, hidden from view in plantations. ” Continue reading

From Riches to Rags

24 Apr

Blog post by Michelle K., Team Moldova 2011

As I type up this blog, I do so on my own Dell lap top as my Smart Phone lays beside me and my iPod plays the $1.29 song I just bought on iTunes. I am surrounded by luxury. It is normal for me to drive along the roads of Jersey and see BMWs, mansions with fieldstone walls, and grocery stores filled to the brim with fresh produce and clean water. Surely, this must also be normal outside of New Jersey, and even outside of the United States, right? It seems as though David Platt’s “Radical” has been a page-turner for us Journey-117ers, including myself. Platt’s heart-penetrating words revealed that I am, without a doubt, living with my head in the clouds, far away from the world’s actual norm: poverty, homelessness, malnutrition, and disease. Continue reading

Journey to…Where Lord? Uganda?

18 Apr

Blog post by Emily H., Team Uganda 2011

It was Monday night and I was singing worship with 20+ other people who are in our Perspectives on the World Christian Movement class.  Even now I don’t remember all of the words to the song we were singing, I just remember it was specifically about worshiping the Lord.  As I lifted my hands and closed my eyes (something us Southern Baptist don’t do!) to sing one word to our Father, “Hallelujah”, I saw hundreds of faces smiling back at me.  The joyful faces of hundreds of little black children looking at me. I knew they were worshiping right along with me.  The vision was brief, but it was an incredible confirmation from God.  I was going to Uganda. Continue reading

I’m Not That Different

14 Apr

Blog post by Rachel D., Team Uganda 2011

Long before I had an intimate relationship with God, I knew there was something deep inside of me that was being pulled toward helping those less fortunate than myself.  About seven years ago I started volunteering in homeless shelters reading to the kids.  I yearned to help these innocent children who, for by no choice of their own, were victims of choices they did not make for themselves or due to unfortunate circumstances where in the situations they were in.  Looking at their innocent faces, I knew that there was not much if anything that separated me from them.  I could have very easily been one of them.  Although growing up I was fortunate to have been given a roof over my head, food in my stomach and clothes on my back, my home lacked love and safety.  Something every child needs.  Something God desires for each of his children.  I wanted to do my small part to help those children who needed those very things. Continue reading

Platt’s ‘Radical’ Inspires Journey to Uganda

11 Apr

Blog post by Mitch G., Team Uganda 2011

Even in the midst of the hustle and bustle of life with 3 children, I must say that God has been seriously dealing with me in several areas over the past year. I’ve always had a heart for helping those in need and the less fortunate, but since reading the book Radical by David Platt, my whole outlook on life has changed. God seems to be stretching me in some areas of my life to get me out of my little comfortable box and out into the messy world to try to do some real kingdom work. Continue reading