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Illiteracy and the Cycle of Poverty

6 May

Blog post by Callie H., Team Haiti 2011

The inability to read and write plays a large role in the cycle of poverty. Illiteracy limits ones involvement in social and political life and can prevent employment. This can stall one’s ability to break out of poverty if education and/or employment is never obtained. This is an issue all across the world in over 22 countries.  771 million people in the world can not read or write, 64% are women. Illiteracy is also the root for crime, forced labor, child soldiers, and other forms of injustice and poverty. Continue reading

Love With Skin On

21 Apr

Blog post by Carol, Team Uganda 2011

My parents spent WWII in Germany.  Their families fled their original homes/cities for safety.  They waited in camps for their turns to come to the U.S.  They were fortunate in so many ways.  Only one immediate family member died.  No immigration quotas in the U.S. allowed them a relatively short wait.  They had access to education, safety, housing, food, etc. as soon as they arrived in their new home country.  Their new lives were quickly filled with peace & prosperity.  They have always been grateful for our country. Continue reading