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I Took One Step, God Multiplied it to 9,000 Miles

13 Jul

Blog post by Sarah O., Team India 2012

Sometimes I feel like I don’t really have a Story. Like, with a capital “S”. I just have a story, with a little “s”. I’ve had no great adversity, no real struggle, no dramatic motivating factors. I was never really outgoing, never really smartest or fastest or best at anything in particular. I was just a quiet child, younger of two, with an ordinary upbringing and four loving parents (divorce can sometimes be a blessing). When I was about twelve, I decided that was all there was to me: just sort of an indoor girl who didn’t like confrontation. It wasn’t until I was maybe around 17 that I finally decided that if I was going to sit around and wait for an external factor to make my life meaningful, I was going to be waiting forever. My life is what it is, and I have plenty to be grateful and proud of. How many punch lines my story had was ultimately irrelevant—it wasn’t about what I brought to the table, but what God was going to do with it.

Everything I have in my heart for orphans comes from God. I’ve never been truly abandoned, never been truly hungry, never been truly alone, and I cannot fathom what that must feel like. My life has been blessed. I don’t see any possible way for me to ever be content with what I have when I know someone somewhere has appallingly less and I can do something about it. My desire is to bring some good into the world, to put more in than I take out of it. How can anyone not want to pick up another human being who’s fallen down?

Every human being deserves a normal childhood where they don’t have a care in the world, and I want to be a part of an organization like World Orphans that helps to alleviate some of their hardships, provide for them their basic needs, and let them have back a few precious moments of carefree childhood. Children are the future. Maybe there is literally nothing that can ever be done to change the hearts of the greedy, the perverse, the corrupted, the selfish, the angry, the brutal, the ignorant. But what we can do – what everyone can do – is help to raise a new generation that cares, sympathizes, helps, heals, creates, and selflessly loves.

Why the orphan? Because someday the orphan will be the adult. Someday the orphan will be building the future. Someday, every child that is taken care of now will hopefully in turn take care of another. Every child has the ability to put some good into the world, if they are given the chance to reach their future.

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From raising money to going….

9 Nov

Blog post by Bethany A., Team Ethiopia 2011


Bethany A. will be serving on the Ethiopia Journey 117 Team leaving in December 2011.

God took Lion King and brought about a life’s passion

5 Nov

Blog post by Breanna A., Team Ethiopia 2011

I can honestly say that what first stirred my heart for Africa was watching Lion King as a kid. I was taken with the gorgeous scenery, catchy music, and wild animals. Now, I know that Africa is not quite how Disney portrays it to be, but that longing to go has been deeply rooted in my heart from an early age. Anytime I was asked that question, “If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?” I always answered with Africa. My passion and heart for Africa has grown immensely from that first experience with Lion King. The Lord has been stirring in my heart and has constantly brought Africa to the front of my mind. To go was never a question of ‘IF’, but a question of ‘WHEN’.

It wasn’t until I began my college career at Kansas State University that I realized exactly what it was that I felt so passionate about. When I came to college, I had no idea about what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. It was overwhelming trying to decide. So I prayed and prayed. I eventually discovered a major called Family Studies and Human Services. I fell in love with the idea of getting to help people as a job! Over the last three years, the Lord has been creating in me a heart for the fatherless. Organizations like Invisible Children, TOMS, Love 146, Not For Sale and Passion Conferences have added fuel to the flame in my soul. But for me, it just wasn’t enough to learn about the global problem of orphaned children, I wanted to DO something. I wanted to CHANGE the lives of these children. I wanted them to know the LOVE and FREEDOM that Christ offers.

I had been searching and praying for an opportunity to serve and volunteer in an orphanage overseas for the past year. I knew the Lord was calling me to go, but I wasn’t sure when or how. But the Lord was faithful and opened that door to my sister and I at Passion 2011 in Fort Worth. They had something called the RightNow Campaign that placed believers with a heart for missions with an organization that fit their passions. We were given the information for Journey117 and made contact with them immediately. Once I found out that they had a trip in December to Ethiopia that would be focused on serving orphans and visiting orphanages, I knew that I was called to go. So, I applied!

Since the day I applied to go, the Lord has been revealing to me His heart for the orphans. I had the verse 1 John 3:17, “But if anyone has the world’s goods and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God’s love abide in him?” written in sharpie on my wrist for a good month. My constant prayer is that I would never close my heart to a brother or sister in need. That my heart would break for what breaks the Lord’s, and that I would be filled with passion that moves me to compassion. I love how our study book Get Uncomfortable defines compassion as suffering alongside someone and then doing something about it. Passion isn’t enough. My heart for orphans and Africa isn’t enough. God is calling me to compassion. And in December 2011, I will have the opportunity to live life with orphaned children in Ethiopia. I will see their joy and laughter. But, I will also experience their hurt and pain from loss and rejection. I can only imagine how the Lord will use my time in Ethiopia, but I cannot think of a cause more worthy of my life’s dedication than to the advocacy of orphans.

Breanna A. will be serving on the Ethiopia Journey 117 Team leaving in December 2011.

The Best Choice I’ve Ever Made

10 May

Blog post by Sydney D., Team Moldova 2011

I grew up with what, at the time, I thought was the most amazing childhood ever. I had a mom, a dad, a sister, great friends, and amazing people all throughout my life. As I grew up I attended church services, went to bible studies, and was told somewhat about Jesus. It wasn’t that I didn’t believe, it was that I didn’t care because I didn’t think I needed Him. When I became a freshman in college, my heart began to change. I never realized how much I needed Him and how much I didn’t know about the cross. Giving my life Jesus was the easiest and best choice I’ve ever made. I now realize how much I was missing in my life and what love really is. Continue reading

More Inspiration from David Platt’s Book “Radical”

9 May

Blog post by Leana C., Team Moldova 2011

One of the things that greatly inspired me about going on this mission trip was the book Radical by David Platt. I had grown up in church and honestly had never really given missions a thought. I felt a lot of conviction as I began to read Radical and dig deeper into God’s word about missions. We are commanded to carry his name to the ends of the Earth and to make disciples of all nations. Continue reading

I Will Carry Your Name

1 May

Blog post by Heather E., Team Moldova 2011

Children have always been my heart.  Something about them captivates me.  Maybe it’s their innocence, or their goofy personalities, or maybe it’s how no matter what ethnicity, language, or region of the world they are in, they all laugh at the same things….or maybe I’m drawn to them because they allow me to embrace my inner child without judging me.

Either way, they have the ability to fill my heart with abundant joy.

Four years ago I was a freshman in college.  My life was going in a hundred different directions as I made new friends, maintained a scholarship, and took on a collegiate sport.  Through the chaos, the Lord began quietly pressing on my heart just “orphans.”  For a while I thought about them all the time.  I thought about how I could center my future career on them and how I would adopt and when I would make my way to a third world country to sweep up a handful to love on.  Continue reading