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The Journey117 Nicaragua Team is Prepped and Ready

9 Jul

Blog post by Team Nicaragua 2012

Over the past 7 months,  we’ve seen God provide in an amazing way through our fundraisers and letters!  Although the amount we needed to raise seemed insurmountable at first, we’ve raised above and beyond what we hoped for.  We are excited to be able to bless the various ministries and children we’ll be working with in Nicaragua.  Thanks so much for your support of this trip!

During our time of preparation, we’ve learned to work together as a team as we made jewelry, waited tables at our Fiesta Dinner, hosted a golf scramble, priced donated items at our garage sale, hauled rocks for a work project, and spent many hours preparing for ministry with kids.  We’ve also spent hours working on homework and discussing issues such as orphan ministry, Nicaraguan culture, and how to serve effectively on a short term trip.  Even though we haven’t gone to Nicaragua yet, we’ve learned so much already!

With less than a week before we leave, we are in the final stages of packing and last-minute details.  We are excited to begin serving in Nicaragua!  We leave Saturday, July 14 and will return Tuesday, July 24 (at 1 a.m.).  Thank you for your encouragement throughout the past 7 months, and your prayers while we are in Nicaragua.

Team Nicaragua 2012

Team Nicaragua will be serving with Journey117 in July. 


The Only Reason is Jesus

2 Jul

Blog post by 14 year-old Naomi P., Team Ethiopia 2012

So the big question of the day, “What has happened in your life that has lead you to your heart for orphans?” Well sit down my dears, I will get you some tea and tell you all about it, jk.

I was born in Edmonton, Alberta in 1997 (thrilling facts I know). My parents are Scott and Janet and they are amazing (I was not paid to say that). They have been a huge support and have always done what is best for me, not only their words but also their action always showed me and taught me love.

When I was six or seven, I used to come downstairs to watch our one channel TV (I was really lucky, I got to watch TV, crazy). There was a couple of times when the World Vision show came on. I used to watch it, then cry and cry. I decided that I wanted to help those kids and their families. I pulled my neighbor into it and for a year we saved our money, and told people about what we were doing (and got their money.) Together we raised 300 and something dollars! (We even did a mobile lemonade stand! We were committed!) We gave the money to an organization our friends started when they adopted two Ethiopian boys. The organization is called Love Africa. You can look it up, 6 year old me is still on their website!

Going to Ethiopia and working there, I was convinced that, Ethiopia is where I wanted to be and where God wanted me to be. So, that was great, but how was I going to get there? So I thought about it and prayed about it for two and a half years.  Finally I told my parents and their friends; that was WAY out of my comfort zone, but I did it! So that really triggered something in our community and in our lives. There were several other people in our community who also had dreams about going to Africa or living in Africa or just about Africa in general, but it was never the right time. They were not totally sure what they were supposed to do. When I told them about how I wanted to go to Ethiopia and how I wanted them to take me, (just a small favor) it seemed to them like conformation.

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Just Showed Up For My Life

19 Apr

Blog post by Stephanie J., Team Uganda 2011

My Journey to Uganda all started with an email….

I am writing to inquire about volunteer opportunities available within your ministries.  I am especially interested in working with Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC’s).  I have vast experience in working with young children (0 to 13yrs).  It is my hope and desire to one day work and live in sub-Saharan Africa so that I can care for and show His love to the OVC’s that so desperately need to know they are loved and not forgotten.  I would love the chance to volunteer/intern with your organization in order to gain experience and a deeper understanding of how to assist the needs of OVC’s and their communities both spiritually and physically.

I am 29 years old and currently work for a Insurance Servicing Company as a Hazard/Flood Insurance Specialist.  While this is a great carrier and has great growth potential, it does not enable me to use the gifts that God has given me. My heart no longer desires my carrier path for myself.  Instead I have recklessly abandoned myself for God and His purpose/path for me, so that He can use me as His servant.  God has awakened my heart and called me to His Great Commission to further His Kingdom.  That being said, for the past year my heart continuously breaks for and desires to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the OVC’s living in Africa. Continue reading

I Will Follow You

15 Apr

Blog post by Trista H., Team Uganda 2011

I Will Follow

“Where You go, I’ll go.

Where You stay, I’ll stay.

When You move, I’ll move.

I will follow…”  by Chris Tomlin

This song sums up perfectly the reason I am going on this Journey.  God has really laid it on my heart through prayer, church, friends, and family that this is what He wants me to do.

From the time I was young, I have loved working with and interacting with kids.  I had a very clear goal in mind to become a teacher.  I served in the children’s program at church throughout middle and high school; I worked at daycare centers and summer camps.  Eventually I achieved my goal of becoming a teacher.  After a couple of years teaching, I wanted something more.  While I love the kids and families I currently work with, I had a desire to really reach out and connect with hurting children who need someone to love them.  It was around this time that I heard of the organization World Orphans…. Continue reading