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Preparing My Heart For Haiti

28 Jan

Blog post by Wendy K., Team Haiti 2012

For most of my adult life the focus of my attention and service has centered on my family, work and church.  I pretty much neglected/avoided the concerns of the larger world.  It was just too overwhelming.  But for the past year with our three children all grown, married and out of the home, I have felt a tug to start looking beyond my small world to some of the larger concerns of the world.  I have been praying and asking God what I should do and where to begin.  I have been aware of my resistant and hard heart, so Proverbs 3:27 has been my daily prayer and meditation: “Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to do it.”  Whereas opening my heart was the first step, I felt education and becoming aware of the needs and what people were doing to help was the second step.  So when our church announced the opportunity to learn about the poor and orphaned in Haiti, I felt this was an answered prayer for the next step.

Why does God want me to go on this trip?
I consider this trip as God’s gift to me to soften and change my heart to care for those who are poor, orphaned, and oppressed. I believe that He wants to teach me in a visible and tangible way that all I have comes from His hand and that I should never take it for granted or credit it to my doing; that as a steward of His blessings, I have a responsibility to share what I have in time, money, resources and heart and care for those less fortunate than I; that everyone, whether poor or rich are entitled to God’s goodness, respect and care; and that God wants my heart to care as much as His to join Him in a love and work that takes action.

Wendy K. will be serving on the Haiti Journey 117 Team leaving in March 2012 along with others from her church in Evanston, IL.

Sweetly Broken – Reflections on my Journey to Haiti

2 Jun

Jeni reflects on her recent Journey 117 trip to Haiti in May 2011. To read more of her blog, check out http://sweetlybroken-jenileeann.blogspot.com/

I have been meaning to blog about my journey to Haiti and the amazing ways that God moved in my heart through this trip. I have had a very hard time coming up with the words. But since I have been asked to speak at 3 local churches, I figured it was time to put words to this journey. Praise God that I will bring Him more glory as I share.

I could not have known how God would allow me to be broken when I started on this journey last fall. I knew it would be big, because as I planned and counted the days, trips were never for sure and were postponed. I kept saying, “In God’s time.” I knew in my heart I would get there EXACTLY when He wanted.

I was incredibly sad that I was not able to go in December, but now I see so clearly that He had a greater plan. I ended up going on a Journey 117 trip with World Orphans, totally different than the original trip. It is a journey that is designed to educate you on orphan care and how God wants to use you to bring justice to the least of these. Continue reading

Just “Because”

11 May

Blog post by Betsy L., Team Moldova 2011

I have always been told that I was a great writer. Sometimes encouraged to “be a writer” and more often volunteered to do the things that required writing. Being able to express myself well on paper started in early grade school with a pink diary and heart-shaped lock. As my faith developed and my years increased, the diary matured from a list of my daily events into a prayer request to my Lord.  Continue reading

The Best Choice I’ve Ever Made

10 May

Blog post by Sydney D., Team Moldova 2011

I grew up with what, at the time, I thought was the most amazing childhood ever. I had a mom, a dad, a sister, great friends, and amazing people all throughout my life. As I grew up I attended church services, went to bible studies, and was told somewhat about Jesus. It wasn’t that I didn’t believe, it was that I didn’t care because I didn’t think I needed Him. When I became a freshman in college, my heart began to change. I never realized how much I needed Him and how much I didn’t know about the cross. Giving my life Jesus was the easiest and best choice I’ve ever made. I now realize how much I was missing in my life and what love really is. Continue reading

More Inspiration from David Platt’s Book “Radical”

9 May

Blog post by Leana C., Team Moldova 2011

One of the things that greatly inspired me about going on this mission trip was the book Radical by David Platt. I had grown up in church and honestly had never really given missions a thought. I felt a lot of conviction as I began to read Radical and dig deeper into God’s word about missions. We are commanded to carry his name to the ends of the Earth and to make disciples of all nations. Continue reading

The Power of God

5 May

Blog post by Atonya S., Team Moldova 2011 

My husband, Mike, and I currently sponsor a child who is an orphan and we have been given a desire by God to help orphans.  Recently we felt called to go on a mission trip, so we started  looking  for a trip when we came across World Orphans on the internet.  After doing some research we decided to start praying about the Moldova trip.  We had peace about going, so we applied and got accepted.  I am excited about this trip because we get to share God’s word and love via a summer camp. Continue reading

Jesus Stole My Doritos

3 May

Blog post by Jake S., Team Moldova 2011

Growing up in what I had once perceived to be a Christian home, I had heard what I thought was way too much about Jesus, God, the Bible, and of course, Satan.  By the time I had reached high school, I was fed up with Christianity in its entirety.  However, I did remain in contact with my small group leader because he had tattoo’s and piercings, and that was cool to a sophomore in high school. Continue reading